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This is a cool extension.
Add a Note BBCode, which displays a tooltip-like box containing text when the mouse is moved over the Note BBCode icon.

The text inside the box accepts BBCodes, the pop-up box will close automatically when the mouse is moved off the icon (unless the user clicks the icon, which will make the pop-up box stick in place until manually closed or until the cursor is moved a certain distance away from the pop-up box).

BBcodes are automatically installed by the extension, no need to any manual input, just set to display on posting in ACP if you like.
Author 3Di
Below is the format:

Code: Select all

This is where Note[note]You can enter text here or leave blank.
[img] screenshot- Note.jpg[/img][/note] is located.
This is where NoteYou can enter text here or leave blank.
is located.
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